Ben Logan

Position: Senior Operations Director
Categories: Our Team

Professional Background

Ben Logan has been actively involved in the successful procurement and construction of over 250 major construction projects, having managed approximately half from inception to completion. His project experience spans a wide range, including Federal, State, and Local Government, as well as the Private Sector.

Ben has actively managed projects for over 40 years, using all project delivery methods, including Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management, and Design-Build. Throughout the years, he has managed Lump Sum, Cost Plus, and Unit Price construction contracts, and has been actively involved in solicitation methods that include Hard Bid, Negotiated, and Best Value procurements. Ben has served in critical positions, including Project Manager, Vice President of Operations, Project Executive, and President.

In addition to his professional experience, Ben received an Associate of Arts from Holmes Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Southern Mississippi.