Far Beyond Building

Discover a better construction experience.

For customers, developers and property owners in Mississippi and throughout the Southeast, AnderCorp provides a high level of personal attention from our CEO, Roy Anderson III. Large-scale projects in sectors like hospitality, gaming, retail, education, federal, natural disaster recovery and healthcare are an ideal fit for our expertise.

By delivering hands-on executive management, and selecting the right team members to suit you and your project, AnderCorp creates a successful and engaging construction experience: One where you can experience a sense of accomplishment and pride, from the ground breaking ceremony to the grand opening. We are not a commodity-based company – we are founded on the goal of establishing a niche to differentiate ourselves from our peers in the construction industry.

Our insights, honed over decades, anticipate the challenges of construction to keep your project within budget and on track for Opening Day. The foundation of our expertise? A construction legacy, generations deep, that spans the Southeast.

Chairs in office

First, we build your team.

At AnderCorp, we believe in handpicking the right team for each project. Our experience has shown that your team can make or break your vision, budget and timeline. It can also make the difference between a difficult day-to-day experience, and one you enjoy.

That’s why we pay close attention to personality, strengths and backgrounds of the project team.

The sooner you involve us, the greater the value.

The earlier you involve AnderCorp, the more your project can benefit from the insights we have to offer. Ideally, we prefer to be engaged months before a project breaks ground. That way, we are a critical team member of your design and development team in providing critical cost estimates, cash flow schedules, assembling the construction team, and providing value engineering without compromising the integrity of a customer’s scope of work, vision and design. It’s never too early to start a relationship with AnderCorp and receive the benefits of the professional services we offer.

AnderCorp Services

AnderCorp has a strong financial capacity for virtually any large-scale project in the commercial building industry. The professional construction services we provide include:

  • Pre-construction estimating and project programming
  • Value engineering, cost savings measures
  • Project scheduling
  • Construction management
  • Program management
  • Owner consulting and analysis
  • Design-build services
  • BIM 3D Modeling