Roy Anderson IV

Vice President


Building Your Vision

At AnderCorp, Roy IV is focused on emphasizing core values based on an elite culture among its associates, one that AnderCorp’s customers can be proud to be part of. His passion is to support and empower associates to succeed — and treat each customers’ project as if it were their own — by establishing an environment that rewards good performance, solid ethics, and customer service while having fun at work.

Professional Background

Roy IV grew up around construction and the company founded by his grandfather, Roy Anderson, Jr. After receiving a B.B.A. in Managerial Finance at the University of Mississippi, Roy IV chose to pursue a career in construction himself, inspired by the business his family created. During his nine years at RAC, he worked on multiple major construction sites, ranging from Birmingham, New Orleans, New York and Gulfport.

Roy IV’s project management assignment’s gave him a unique perspective for the importance of team building and customer relationships. He has a strong belief that a company’s culture and commitment can impact a project’s performance — and ultimately, its success, from pre-construction to the grand opening.

Personal Perspective

“Our goal is to build lasting relationships and achieve strong partnerships throughout the duration of our projects. Each project is unique. There are a multitude of moving pieces, and it’s imperative all project members have a thorough understanding of each task at hand; from the design team, to the field supervision, to the ownership team. It’s our responsibility to ensure this is accomplished through open communication, innovative solutions, and equal trust with each member,” Roy IV explains.

“People often talk about one of my grandfather’s (Roy Anderson, Jr.) greatest business attributes; if Roy Jr. said he was going to do something for you, you had his word no matter the circumstance,” says Roy IV. “AnderCorp is here to continue the reputation of honesty, commitment and trust.” This means an emphasis on what he described as “doing things the right way”—both in terms of building a successful project and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

“At AnderCorp, we emphasize forward thinking where all associates participate in the overall plan. ,” says Roy IV. “If I can help motivate, inspire, and empower our team, I’m confident AnderCorp will achieve optimal results for our customers that exceed industry expectations.”