The AnderCorp Difference

We strive to be your partner.

When you work with AnderCorp, you work directly with executives who are motivated to engage in a true partnership to ensure a project’s success. The difference? A rewarding experience from pre-construction through grand opening. We want to build impressive and exciting projects with associates who are trained with best practices and who give back to communities where they work and live.

A rare level of service and commitment from
our CEO.

For the Ownership Team to the Project Team, AnderCorp provides a rare level of personal attention from our CEO, Roy Anderson III. We believe in a horizontal approach where there is no disconnect from the top down. Ownership can expect Roy to be closely engaged with your project from the start of design to the completion of construction. And you benefit from his guidance in every phase of construction. Whether for his exemplary business ethics, desire for excellence in the construction industry, or innovative foresight, Roy is a valued business leader with nearly four decades of business experience and considered a strong ally to the people who know him or have been associated with him.

A team tailored to you

One of the most important objectives of AnderCorp’s management is to select the right team based on each project’s specific requirements. “The team you assemble can make or break your ability to achieve an owner’s vision, budget and timeline. It can also make the difference between a difficult day-to-day experience, and one you enjoy,” Roy III says.

AnderCorp pays close attention to the personalities, strengths, and interests of the prospective team members, tailoring each team to fit the client and the specific requirements of the project.

Core Values

Family Culture

Lasting Partnerships

Passion to
Evolve and Improve

Work Environment



Experience a culture of trust.

Honesty. Transparency. Keeping our word. AnderCorp’s foundation is built on the kind of values that have been passed down in our family for generations. Roy III and Roy IV are proud to emphasize a culture of trust at AnderCorp that has become synonymous with their family name. That’s the example they learned from Roy Anderson, Jr., and it’s the foundation of their vision to provide a construction experience everyone can embrace.

Safety is our culture

At AnderCorp, our commitment to safety runs deep. Our unsurpassed safety plan coupled with a common sense approach ensures Safety First, Always.  Every member of our team is part of our family whose well-being is our highest priority. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our associates through a safety training program based on a goal of ZERO incidents on all of our projects.  We are all an extension of our home. By protecting ourselves, we protect our family, and family is the heart of our Core Values.

That’s the AnderCorp Difference.